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Vanessa Ali

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Amidst Spring Boughts

Peruse the samples in this
gallery of interiors

to imagine my art

on your walls...

Aspen Gold and Prairie Sky

"Art is not about what you see,

but what you make others see."

- Edgar Degas

Autumn Lace

No framing required
for canvases:

all edges gallery-wrapped
and painted.

Don't Forget Alberta

"Drawing is like making

an expressive gesture,
with the advantage

of permanence."

― Henri Matisse

Hillside Invitation

I paint a wide variety of subjects
in different styles and mediums;

going where the muse takes me.

In 6 Months There'll be Apples

"I paint flowers

so they will not die."

- Frida Kahlo

Frosted Boughs & Cerulean Skies

Contact me so we can

work together to create

the perfect commissioned
piece for your home.

In the Absense of a Tree

"Colour is my day-long obsession,

joy and torment."

― Claude Monet

Jellybean & Bao

Feel free to get in touch
with any questions,
or to say hello...

Night Taxi

"How you draw is a reflection

of how you feel about the world.

You're not capturing it,

you're interpreting it."

― Juliette Aristides

The Path Ahead

Prices are based on size,

substrate and media used.

Sun Breaks Through

"What keeps my heart awake
is colourful silence."

― Claude Monet

Winter's Fire

View all the available original

paintings in my galleries

and choose the perfect
piece for your home.




Still Life


Contact Info

I live, love and create in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. If you would like to contact me, here are some options:

Studio: 780.481.4887

Plein Air: 780.940.6284

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About the Artist

Vanessa AliVanessa Ali is a full-time artist, dividing her time between creating original paintings and working as a graphic and web site designer. During the COVID pandemic, Vanessa expanded her role to that of pattern surface designer with her work designing cloth face masks.

From a very early age, Vanessa displayed a love of design and creativity, from drawing and painting and a flair for understanding the impact and influence on us of the spaces where we live and work. Classes in art and design and drafting were always a part of her elective courses throughout her early school years and at high school.

At the University of Alberta, Vanessa took studio art classes in the department of Fine Arts that included live figure drawing, sculpture and painting. She graduated with a BA in Art History. Right after, she obtained a diploma in Architectural Technology from NAIT and worked for 10 years in a variety of architectural firms producing the plans and specifications for major projects, working in traditional hand-drafting methods and by using Computer Aided Design and Drafting (CADD).

After starting a family, Vanessa became a self-employed graphic designer and expanded into web site design, hosting and management, all under the umbrella of Ali Cat Graphics. Over the past decade, Vanessa has found the time to get back to her original passion of free-hand sketching and painting and she now splits her time equally between graphic/web design and creating the original works displayed on this website. In 2021, Vanessa became a Mastrius Artist (formerly Levelling Up), taking classes with the fabulous master artists on that platform and she is now a Navigator, working to support artist mentors and facilitate monthly sessions with their artist groups.

In addition to dabbling in visual arts, Vanessa loves to perform as a singer with her jazz ensemble JoySpring, to knit, crochet, make jewellery, play guitar and piano, garden and read great books. She lives with her husband who patiently shares space with all Vanessa's projects that continuously spread throughout the house and garden.

  • Member of the Society of Western Canadian Artists (SWCA) - Exhibiting Level status
  • Member of the St. Albert Painter's Guild (SAPG)
  • Mastrius student and Navigator.


Artist's Statement

The primary forces in my work are colour and light. Whether creating a traditional landscape, exploring and capturing the negative spaces in a thicket of undergrowth or a forest of trees, studying the play of light and reflection on inanimate objects, colour and light make me swoon and yearn to portray their power and beauty. I use oil and acrylic on canvas; watercolour, gouache and coloured pencil on watercolour paper in my endeavour to capture movement, depth, life and light.